Corporate programs

After completing 2 years of rigorous training’s of young minds we have started delivering our expertise to the corporate houses too and are being associated with over 75 corporate houses in India till date. We provide end-to-end solutions and are a one-stop-shop for all corporate travel requirements. Be it your transport arrangements, accommodation or activities, we have a panel of experienced professionals and trainers who shall customize your trip as per your requirements.

Himalayan Vegabond is a firm believer of the fact that each training program, offsite, event or conference has different needs and requirements; hence we have always give our full intention to the query to customize trips your ways.



In the present era, corporate life is stressful and full of challenges, which at the end of the day leaves hardly any time for peers to interact amongst each other. The result of which is an invisible gap amongst them, which surely results in the overall productivity of the process or the organization.

Our experience of years and years of training has taught us that the effective communication will leads to efficient Coordination. The need of the hour is to find out methods to break the silos and increase interaction levels across the organization.

We have exceptionally earned a good reputation in offering the best, personalized prompt and professional services to all our guests from the very beginning. We provide all possible logistic support for an Outbound Training Program/fun and incentive trips/meetings and conferences in the northern part of India.

Outbound Training is an effective option to provide or create a learning environment outside the classroom (usually in natural surroundings), wherein participants learn while performing certain interactive exercises and carrying out certain adventurous activities.

Focus of OBT/OMD is on EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.  It ensures learning for all the participants.

The program should ideally consist of 25 to 30 participants with each group. The program will be designed to develop team spirit, team work and leadership skills among all the participants through various adventure sports activities.

  •  Managerial Effectiveness –MDP
  •  Competency Mapping
  •  Train The Trainers
  •  Management & Counseling
  •  Group Interaction
  •  Team Building and working
  •  Creative Problem solving
  •  Leadership Skills


  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Skills Stress Management
  • TQM
  • Creativity Customer Service
  • Conflict Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Change
  • Decision Making
  • Change Management


The program will be a combination of the following soft adventure/ creative physical and mental challenges –

Vertical Limit                    Rock Climbing

Knotty Problem                Thinking out of the box

Walk the Talk                    Tent Pitching

Night Navigation              Map Reading

Pulling Together              River rafting

Into the deep                     Cliff Jumping

Team Dominance             Carpet Volleyball

Mind over Matter             Tug-of-War

Innovate 2015                  Raft Building

Australian walk                Kangaroo roll

Spider’s web                      The great Escape


The debriefing sessions at the end of each team building training activity helps in reflection, retention and internalizing of concepts. Certified facilitators seamlessly help participants to co-relate the learning from these outdoor activities to workplace issues.

A unique combination of Adventure, Fun and Learning, Outbound Training programs have proven to be one of the best techniques of training in the recent times.



Time and again, that break is essential from your daily routine, so the best way is to gather your team, pack your bags and rush out for an ideal stress-busting excursion.

An ideal offsite is a mixture of elements like an excellent accommodation, great services and food and recreational and adventure activities. Not to mention there’s nothing more interactive than an evening out with the team, in natural serene surroundings, be it a campfire next to a river or in a hideout in the forest.

At HIMALAYAN VEGABOND, we understand that need and compliment the same with an array of tailor-made holiday options. So, be it a laid-back luxury weekend outing or one loaded with adventures and thrill, we have some of the most extravagant and offbeat themed programs on our platter to suit your requirements.

Our Most Preferred Corporate getaway destinations:

  • Rishikesh
  • Corbett
  • Manali
  • Around Delhi



With over a decades experience in the corporate arena, we believe in customizing each of your conferencing experience. With over 50 plus conference options available on offer, we recommend you to pick and choose the ideal venue based on your requirements.

When it comes to events, we have been in demand for organizing Sports Meets, Cultural & Theme Based Programs, Brand Launch, Special Day Celebrations and lots more.  Our events have mostly been favored for the sense of unique and customized approach for every program.

We can make tailor made itineraries which can be customized as per the requirement of the corporate house…!!