While some may call it a holiday, we call it part of a life well-lived – Adventure that never ends.

We Connect your Dreams and Convert it to Learning for a life time

We set the clock to count your smile,
Together you travel and travel for miles!!


About Himalayan Vagabond

At Himalayan Vagabond, we believe that the young minds with ethical leadership excellence can change the world. We adhere to educate what is missing or cannot be explained in the traditional classroom session – Learning by doing. We intend to and are committed to offer the highest quality of outdoor education with warmth, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience. Our utmost happiness comes in educating the young minds in the world’s biggest ground ‘”Outdoors” that is what we are specialized in.

Himalayan Vagabond is run and managed by a team of highly experienced and truly committed people, who have been in the field of adventure tourism for past 10 to 12 years. All our team members are masters of their trade and each brings with them an exceptional set of knowledge and know-how, adding value to the overall experience of a guest. We use our interest, background and our behavioral science expertise to design learning experiences using adventure and challenge.

We educate young minds to practice a lot, as to learn outdoor skills and to develop leadership, you need to practice hard. The thought of opening up a platform for the young minds came through a positive belief and sense of determination. After being worked for almost 8 years in a professional and renowned adventure company, we planned well and put together our sales and operation expertise to do something for our industry, hence, started our first operation in 2010 with a unique concept of educating tourism professional students through the outdoors – Leadership Development Course in Manali, which today is a very popular course among various tourism professional universities in northern India. Nevertheless, we are now taking students of all ages on wilderness expeditions and educate them about the technicalities of outdoors, leadership, and environmental ethics.

There is a shortage of meaningful adventure trips or outdoor learning programs for young minds to participate in, and we are specialized in making such programs. While each seems to propose up an exciting or daring module, many are missing a very important component. For adventure to be truly satisfying, it should be a meaningful adventure. That’s what we call the “experience”. So many people go on a mission trip for the first time and come home overflowing with passion and energy. When we design such trips, we think one reason that these trips should have been so powerful that the people have never experienced anything so meaningful before. We live our lives at hyper speed with so much abundance that we hardly have a chance to find deeper meaning in the chaos of it all.

Two of our co-founders B D Negi and Praveen Khimta are leading the way of well-organized, large scale, learning based adventure programs for 9-18 year old children in Northern India. We have introduced more than 8000 young minds to the environs of adventure till date.

After setting up the challenge for operating a meaningful yet flawless student programs we have opened up other windows to challenge ourselves. We are now geared up to educate the corporate houses and are taking them to the outdoors for experiential learning programs.

Our portfolio includes 

Family getaways Corporate programs (MICE) School Agendas
Family outings Experiential learning programs Leadership Development Course (LDC)
Family get-together Meetings and conferences Adventure initiatives
Meaningful holidays Adventure getaways Educational programs
Special interest tours Team building/bonding trips Summer Camps



Continually providing a vast array of innovative products and quality services, as a leader in promoting the enrichment of young minds and passionate travelers on the journey in this twenty first century


Our mission is to be the leading and most trustworthy travel management company that sets the standard for professionalism, reliability and transparency to its customers

You will discover that Himalayan Vagabond is quite diverse as we use our diversity in and out of the travel industry to address various global concerns. By planning and organizing unusual events, we will address current issues such as the environment and regional relations every now and then.

Core Values – C R E A T I V E

C – Care for the Guests

R – Respect for the associates

E – Excellence through teamwork

A – Always learning

T – Trust mutually

I – Innovative approach

V – Value for Money

E – Ethical practice


Continually providing a vast array of innovative ideas and quality services, Himalayan Vagabond commits itself as a leader in promoting the enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey into this twenty first century.